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Route 66 - Spełniające się marzenie(Published in Trailer Magazine July - August 2015,
text: Honorata Stolarzewicz, photos: Tomasz Krzemiński)
translated by: Marta Głowacka

A black ribbon of asphalt winding to the horizon, falling down and rising up again. Surrounded by a desert with low, dry bushes. Hot. Vibrating warm air and sunlight falling on the road create an illusion like the road ahead of us was covered by water. Apart from the engine the only sounds are wind and the hum of wheels on the road. A feeling of freedom and happiness - endless, like this road. We are fulfilling the biggest dream of both professional truck drivers and fans of 40-ton semis (although here in America we would say: 18 wheelers). The dream of being on the road.

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